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12 Tangos, 5.1 editing and mixing…

We just finished the 5.1 sound and music mixing for this outstanding movie. This will come to the cinemas soon. Thanks to Clemens Haas, director Arne Birkenstock and Louis Borda.

“12 Tangos – Adios Buenos Aires” tells the story of several tangueros in crisis-ridden Buenos Aires. When the tango was created, their grandparents, who had come from Italy and Spain, were among the millions of immigrants, stranded at the Rio de la Plata. Today, their grandchildren are heading in the opposite direction: back to Europe. In 12 tangos, recorded live in the hottest tango hall in town and performed by some of Argentina’s finest musicians, the film narrates the story of crisis and immigration – and connects the sentiments of its protagonists are with the music, the lyrics and the dance steps of the tango.

In “La Catedral”, a 200-year-old granary in Buenos Aires, the guests of the weekly tango ball dance to the music of an Argentine tango all-star orchestra. The film’s main attention focuses on the 71-year-old professional tango dancer Roberto Tonet the 20-year-old dancer Marcela Maiola and the 12 years old pupil Fabiana Zubieta. Roberto lost his savings during the banking crisis, Marcela is preparing her emigration to Europe. Fabiana has to say farewell during the film to her mother Yolanda. She leaves for Spain where she is going to work illegally as a maid in order to pay off the credit for her house in Buenos Aires. Fabiana, her brother and her two sisters are left behind alone and stay by themselves in Buenos Aires

In the hottest tango hall in town, we also meet the members of the trash-rock band “Las Munecas”, five freaky characters who live in the “Catedral”, organise tango balls there, and interpret Gardel-songs on their electric guitars.

The stories of these tango dancers symbolize the very nature of the tango as an expression of crisis and hopelessness. All the protagonists have lost jobs, incomes and savings in the present crisis.

The film narrates the history of the dancers and their ancestors in 12 tangos, including feelings of failed hope, crisis, imm- and emigration. The past, the present and the future of our protagonists also reflect the history of the tango itself, and give an accurate impression of present-day Buenos Aires.